Why Choose Us

Reasons why you should plan a trip with us

Responsible Adventure

Ever since we run our first trip we have been committed in protecting nature and keep our nature clean and untouched. Since Montenegro is the first ecological country in the world, it is our obligation that it remains like that. We take care to protect the environment of the places we visit and take every opportunity to make a positive contribution wherever we travel. Our philosophy is ‘leaving nothing but footprints’ ! We make sure our trips have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Unique Offer

We offer you completely unique and different programs that you can find nowhere else in Montenegro. Besides the standard offer, we give you the possibility to create your own experience according to your wishes.


When you go on tours with us, even traveling solo is far from traveling alone. Joining our organised group of other travelers you will never have a dull moment during the trip and you are most likely to make long lasting friendships with like-minded people on your holiday.


Christina Hardy
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Christina Hardy
Marketing Manager
Nance Basso
"We went on a rafting expedition on beautifull Tara river and it was incredible. Wild and deep canyon, crystal clear river, sandy beaches where we were camping and siting next to the open fire, watching thousands of stars . This was a the time to remember"

Nance Basso
Lidija Knezevivh
"We had a great hiking experience in Durmitor. ."

Lidija Knezevivh